Carry trading - forex systems and strategies
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Carry Trading - forex system

1. Basket Trading - investor psyche
2. Basics of Forex Trading
3. Compound interest

Cheapest mortgage - course

1. Investing course - Forex
2. A story about Forex
3. Mortgage arbitrage

Adage - a story about Forex


Weary pilgrim came to the ocean to wash your face and alleviate the impact of doskwierającego sun. The ocean is endless and can be dangerous, but to cool off, the pilgrim does not have to dip and the risk that sharks attacked him, or that a sudden wave of bear him so far that there will be no rescue for him. Nobody taught him how to swim before, and therefore acted reasonably, do not immerse yourself in the depths of water. Just enough for him, it's safe dipped his hands, took on water and cool your body. He added that forces continue their journey. At this point, begin your adventure with my course

Explanation anegoty comparing the Forex.

Reread my anecdote. I used a metaphor in it:

Weary pilgrim - it's just you and your fatigue cause repayment of the loan.

Carpet for the sun - Institutions earning on you, paying interest on the loan.

Ocean - the vastness of the foreign exchange market. Many heard about the speculators who make big money on it.

Sharks - the big players are the foreign exchange market, and each of them wants to be rich. Unfortunately, it must be done at the expense of someone else, so they could earn.

Waves - your emotions, which may make it quickly you can lose money in this market, if you do not have the knowledge, but only a desire for gain.

Swimming - make money by speculation in currencies.

Immersion of the hand - a simple task, that is my course that will show you how to safely snatch a piece of "cake" for themselves

Trick water and cool the body - use my method into practice and make the repayments are no longer troublesome.

Continue the journey - your life, which could be better if you were part of the mortgage could use for themselves and their families

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Carry Trading - Forex system:

1. Basket Trading - investor psyche
2. Forex Trading - Basics
3. Compound interest

Cheapest mortgage - course:

1. Investing course - Forex
2. A story about Forex
3. Mortgage arbitrage

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